New Diesel Power Boa...

New Diesel Power Boat World Speed Record: 277.5 Km/h

Fabio Buzzi back to fly on water and sets the new diesel Powerboat World Speed Record with an incredible speed of 277.515 km/h The Powerboat World Champion, CEO of FB...

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from FB Design!

Montecarlo Venezia W...

Montecarlo Venezia World Record 2016

Montecarlo Venezia World Record 2016 official video by the Boat Show



On Tuesday July 12th, 2016, the crew headed by entrepreneur Fabio Buzzi and composed of Mario Invernizzi, Antonio Binda, Eric Hoorn, Stefano Gibelli, has succeeded in setting the new record...

FB 38' STAB SF for M...

FB 38' STAB SF for Mongla Port Authority Bangladesh

FB Design is delivering two FB 38’ STAB SF to Mongla Port Authority in Bangladesh. This boat is already in use with many military corps for patrolling and rescue missions:...

New FB 60' SF

New FB 60' SF

The new FB 60’SF is a new boat in the wide-beam FB Design boats range. Like all the new models, the FB 60’ SF features the Structural Foam® technology, that...


Probably the most famous boat designed by Fabio Buzzi is CESA 1882. Completely restored in 2006, this glorious monohull is again racing with the dress of Red FPT.
Red FPT won the Cowes - Torquay - Cowes 2008 and 2010 race in 2h 18' 5' at an average speed of 91 mph. 


This incredible mono hull was born from a project that went wrong: Nitro, of 1985, was a losing boat for the old same reason: it was too heavy!
With four diesel engines by Iveco and with the first two speed gearboxes of the offshore history, Nitro raced in class 1 of the European Championship with very little success, and was later converted into a comfortable pleasure boat.
For the 1986 racing season the boat was totally rebuilt, and painted red: a much quicker color than the white of project Nitro, and was given four new Iveco engines of 600 Hp (which lasted for few minutes!), without any gearbox. The new boat was very fast, but not very reliable, winning only the Cowes-Torquay with the name Rolly-Go.
The next year (1987) the boat raced with some more luck and the name Groupe Luchiare, powered by the first four Seatek engines: it won the last race of the season and it conquered the third place at the Key West World Championship.

In 1988 the boat got its most celebrated name: CESA 1882, after the sponsor, who was a silver jeweler. During that season it won more than every other boat in the world: 17 consecutive podiums, with 3 second places and 14 first places. It's not only Italian, European and World Champion for the U.I.M., but also, in November, World Champion for the A.P.B.A. in Key West and winner of the Miami-Nassau-Miami.
During 1989 the boat is named Gancia dei Gancia and, driven by Stefano Casiraghi and Romeo Ferraris, in Atlantic City it wins again the World Championship, being the only boat to take it two times in a row.
But in 1990 the U.I.M. decides to penalise diesel engines, and for Gancia dei Gancia is the end. It's sold to the japanese Yoshiro Kitami and compete with the name Tecno in the first Venezia-Montecarlo, winning all the legs but the first one, where it pile up an overwhelming gap of more than six hours.
Then it races in the Superboat class in USA, with the name Super Hawaii.


Then it's the beginning of the dark ages: the boat is lost in some american shipyard, where the english pilot Drew Langdon re-discovers it and decides to bring it back home.
This incredible and winning boat is also on the 31st place of the ranking of the most beautiful boats of every time ("Motor Boat & Yachting" - August 2004) and is still considered the icon of modern offshore.
It was restored by FB Design in 2006 with the utmost care, exactly as it was, and is now racing again with the name of Red FPT.
With Red FPT Fabio Buzzi won for the third time in UK, the most prestigious world offshore race, the Cowes-Torquay-Cowes 2008 of 182 miles.
Red FPT completed the race in 2h 18' 5' at an average speed of 91 mph.


FPT Round-Britain-2008

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