FB 43' SF

12,83 m up to 54 kn


This is the first of a new line of hulls designed by FB Design with the aim of improving the habitability of the boat.
These are the main characteristics of this new and revolutionary project:

● The hull is totally mathematically designed and the models of its parts are all realized with a CAD-CAM system thanks to a 5 axis milling machine;

● The hull structure is designed with five longitudinals frame members and is also filled with closed cells polyurethane foam injected in both mould and counter-mould. The result is a sturdy and unsinkable working platform, quiet when impacting water and easy to repair;

● The division into compartments is realized with structural bulkheads made in pre-laminated fiberglass, with a perfect superficial gel-coat finishing and high-density PVC core, cutted with a CAM system and positioned on the hull with an aluminium extruded profile (FB Design patent) welded by pressure injected Plexus® (structural adhesion homologated by RINA);

● The boat has a new multiple trim-tabs system that allows a full range of speeds without modifying the trim angle of the boat and so avoiding reduction of speed and visibility. FB 43’ planes at the minimum speed of 12 knots and is automatically trimmed up to 52 knots thanks to a satellite control system of trim-tabs, based on GPS;

● Engines are easily removable thanks to special hatches placed on the cockpit floor and on the hard-top, made by a special aluminium extrusion;

● The engine room air intakes are placed over the hard-top to avoid entrance of water inside the engine room. They are totally independent from the cabin and elastically supported, so they don’t make any noise and vibrations. The temperature inside the engine room remain always extremely low;

● The power plant is the renowned italian, FIAT FPT, C13 engine. This sturdy engine, with a high value for money ratio allows very high performances: 825 Hp at 2400 rpm, with the maximum diesel fuel consumption of 180 litres/hours for each engine.

● The surface drives are ZF Trimax, practically free from any maintenance and with very high performances;

● The internal arrangements of cabins are flexible: the basic boat is arranged with 7 berths distributed in 3 different cabins and with 2 separated toilets. In the cockpit there are four Tecno G10 seats, with the space for two more seats.

● All the lights used are LED for a lifetime duration;

● There is also the possibility of having a RIB 10’ tender, with electric engine, placed on the deck at bow, that can be launched and hauled using a dedicated crane;

● Chance to choose among a great variety of accessories such as power generator, air conditioning system, gangway etc;

● The hard-top has a reverse windshield to avoid reflections of light and waist of energy for the air conditioning.



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