FB 55'

16,41 m up to 68 kn


The FB 55' is a high-speed interceptor based on the superboat "La Gran Argentina", the two-times World Champion and universally acknowledged as the fastest monohull in the world.
FB 55' best qualities are high speed manoeuvrability and seaworthiness at limit conditions. The boat can work at a speed up to 50 knots in total safety in rough waters up to state 4-5 Beaufort. The low draught makes FB 55' operational in shallow waters of only 0.80 (1.2 static) meters.

The boat is equipped with ZF Trimax 2500 surface drives coupled to ZF350 gearboxes or ZF Trimax 3200 surface drives coupled to ZF 550 gearboxes. This boat is very narrow (2.85 m), in order to operate in rough waters and offers outstanding manoeuvrability thanks to the single-rudder configuration. FB 55' can reach a top speeds over 70 knots and can carry a crew of 15 people for special missions.

The basic design has 4 special Tecno G10 electrically adjustable and dampered seats. Already installed on most FB Design winning racing boats, the G10 allows variable support depending on sea conditions, so that the driver can stand up, sit down or adopt any intermediate position. The G10 offers high comfort and safety thanks to two shock absorbers and to four points safety belts.

Below deck there is a comfortable galley and a toilet room. Ahead there is a cabin with four berths. The two upper ones can be tilted down, in order to convert the cabin in a comfortable rest area. Other configurations are available on request.

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  • Last Modified: 22/07/2024.