This equipment is a revolutionary A.C. system, studied for small boats, for higher efficiency and less weight. It’s available in two different basic versions, both delivering about 30.000 BTU.

FB Design Condair is an innovative air conditioning system that reduces dramatically costs and weight on board.

The gasoline version is the best choice for outboard engines boats and gasoline sterndrive boats. Its heart is a gasoline engine, of outboard propulsion origin, that drives a typical automotive air conditioning group. The system just needs to be connected to the main tank. In addition, an optional electric motor can run the system, when in port, just connecting the shore plug of the boat, with no smoke or pollution.

Condair is also available in a version suitable for inboard engines, diesel powered boats, that is mounted on the power take-off of the gearbox.


  • Last Modified: 12/06/2024.