FB 60' SF

18.20 m up to 60kn

The new FB 60’SF is a new boat in the wide-beam FB Design boats range.

Like all the new models, the FB 60’ features the Structural Foam® technology, that makes the boat unsinkable and perfect for long search and rescue missions.

Long range, very high habitability patrol/rescue unsinkable boat, suitable for weekly sea mission. The wide-beam offers top level living spaces, with 2m in height in under deck spaces, air conditioning in all closed compartments and many different internal layouts: up to 5 cabins, 2+1 bathrooms, compartment for shipwrecked people.

Top speed is above 60 knots with two inboard engines, and with a range above 500nm.

Watch the video of the FB 60' SF older of the new Montecarlo to Venice record:

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  • Last Modified: 27/05/2024.