New Diesel Power Boa...

New Diesel Power Boat World Speed Record: 277.5 Km/h

Fabio Buzzi back to fly on water and sets the new diesel Powerboat World Speed Record with an incredible speed of 277.515 km/h The Powerboat World Champion, CEO of FB...

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from FB Design!

Montecarlo Venezia W...

Montecarlo Venezia World Record 2016

Montecarlo Venezia World Record 2016 official video by the Boat Show



On Tuesday July 12th, 2016, the crew headed by entrepreneur Fabio Buzzi and composed of Mario Invernizzi, Antonio Binda, Eric Hoorn, Stefano Gibelli, has succeeded in setting the new record...

FB 38' STAB SF for M...

FB 38' STAB SF for Mongla Port Authority Bangladesh

FB Design is delivering two FB 38’ STAB SF to Mongla Port Authority in Bangladesh. This boat is already in use with many military corps for patrolling and rescue missions:...

New FB 60' SF

New FB 60' SF

The new FB 60’SF is a new boat in the wide-beam FB Design boats range. Like all the new models, the FB 60’ SF features the Structural Foam® technology, that...

RIB 17' SF

5.18 m up to 40 kn


The RIB 17’ SF , 5.73m length out all (5.18m length of hull) and 2.3m wide, is made to fill the FB Design boat range.

The combined presence of the inflatable collar divided into 5 separate chambers and the Structural Foam® construction makes this GRP boat a safe platform suitable for a small rescue boat, with a very high reserve of buoyancy: neither leaks nor flooding are possible. The inflatable collar is glued to the hull but, as an option, can be installed by means of poltruded guides embedded in the GRP to make it easily interchangeable.

The hull, the deck and the hardtop are mathematically designed and milled by a CAD-CAM system using our own 5-axis milling machine. The boat offers seating accommodation for a crew of 2 persons and 6 passengers. Crew members sit in tandem in a FB Design designed seat integrated with the deck, with shock absorber and spring suspension system. The console is centrally placed in the cockpit and in front of it is placed the seatbox (used to store equipment) where the passengers sit.

The RIB 17' SF is powered with engines from 40hp to 115hp, with a maximum speed of the boat from 25 to 40 knots.

We would be very happy to supply additional detailed information, and kindly ask you to fill in the enclosed short questionnaire, after which we will issue a username and password to access the restricted area.

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