RIB 42' SF

13,2 m up to 70 kn


The RIB 42’ is a high-speed interceptor based on the extensive experience developed by FB Design in the past 30 years. The boat is a dedicated version for special operation and is derived from the winning hull of the RIB TECNO 40'.

The RIB 42' offers full protection from firearms and the weather to all the operators thanks to the high sides of the cockpit. A dry cabin for storage is easily accessible from the centre of the cockpit. The cockpit can be covered with a removable hardtop fitted with windows (in two sections) that provides protection for all the crew members.
The helm unit position is available in the front or in the middle of the cockpit. In the second case the console could be covered with an open side hardtop.

This is a well tested hull already in use by a series of navies, amongst which the Hellenic Special Forces, the Iranian Coast Guard, the South African Navy and the Italian Guardia di Finanza.



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