Quality and Environment


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The Direction of FB Srl DESIGN has decided to predispose and to put into effect a SYSTEM OF QUALITY CONTROL applicable to all the activities correlated to the process of Design, Construction and Control of the boats and the mechanical preparations and inner furnishing.

The Management has identified the functions and the activities that influence on the quality of the product and has delegated to the Quality Control Manager, designated like representative of the Management, the specific authority for the definition and the implementation of the quality control system. All the staff has been trained and formed so that they can make their own the objectives established from the Management and that they can use the instruments from it correctly predisposed in order to achieve them.

All the staff of the Yard is held to follow, for how much applicable, the dispositions of the Handbook of the Quality and the Procedures in it cited. To such scope, to the Quality Control Manager it has been conferred the authority necessary in order to manage the system for the Quality and to guarantee that requirements of the Norm Uni En Iso 9001:2015 are applied.

FB Design S.r.l., in the person of the General Manager, in spite of the already high quality level obtained and maintained for which the Company is famous on the nautical market, has assessed that with the adoption of the Quality Control System, operating therefore in compliance with requirement previewed from the same System, has been able to produce higher results, with products more and more answering to the multiple requirements of the Customers.

The Shipyard, therefore, already proposes the maintenance of the regime qualities as its main objective, consolidating elevated turned out caught up and the continuous improvement of the production process, with reduction of eventual Non-compliance of products and system.

FB Design S.r.l. places the customers at the center of the activities. In particular the satisfaction of the inner customer is persecuted through moments of verification and modernization on the topics correlated to the services and the products offered.

The customer assumes a center role for the success of FB Design S.r.l.. It becomes, therefore, important to know it deeply, to distribute services and products answering to its needs and to create a high satisfaction of the customer.

The objectives for FB DESIGN are:

•  the improvement of the image on the market

•  the satisfaction of customers, employees, vendors

•  the respect of the contractual, explicit and implicit engagements

•  the cure of the inner and external communication

•  the continuous attendance to the customers

•  The respect for the environment and the norms enforced

•  The respect of the norms of work safety.

The attainment, the maintenance and the continuous improvement of these objectives will constantly be persecuted through activities of formation and information of the staff at all levels. With the achievement of such objectives FB Design agrees to become an enterprise focused on its customers, to increase the effectiveness on the market and to render customer satisfaction the factor differentiating in a high competitive market.

The specific objectives will annually be defined from the management and diffuse to all the employees. 


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FB Design Management, sure of the importance of safeguarding and protecting the environment


FB Design strategy is to develop its activities, focusing on a continuous improvement and considering the importance of environmental impact.

FB Design environmental policy is applied to the following services: design and construction of fast pleasure boats and special use, throughout different phases: moulding, setting and finishing.

FB Design always applies itself, compatibly to its nature, activities, products and services, to:

•  A continuous improvement of its activities and pollution prevention

•  obey of statute of limitations and other rules that the company undersigns, regarding its environmental aspects

•  periodically determine and review environmental objectives and goals

In particular, FB Design commits itself to:

•  improve waste handling, supporting -where possible- the collection of items for recycling

•  optimize its energy and natural resources consumption with reference to the production

•  manage emergency situations to minimize the environmental impact

This environmental policy, at management will, is implemented and enforced in every aspect of the business. It's also shared with all the employees and partners.

FB Design management also arranges this policy to be available to the public and to anybody that requests it and it's also periodically reviewed. 

  • Last Modified: 28/09/2021.