Sunday, 23 June 2019 09:56

First two FB 60' delivered to GdF


FB Design has delivered to Guardia di Finanza the first two boats of the 7000 family and 8 more are already under construction.

This is a special version of the FB 60’ SF “Ognitempo”, expressly developed for the specific use of GdF.
The boat is 18,8m length and 4,4m width, powered by 2 MTU V10 engines of 1620 Hp, with a top speed at full load of 54 knots.
The FB 60’ SF is equipped with all possible electronic instrumentation, including Tamam optronic dual G.E.M. radars, Rohde & Schwarz radios, with the general overview of Elettronica Marittima.

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