FB 52' SF

15,72 m up to 55 kn


Our FB 52' SF is the natural evolution of the well-established FB 43' SF. It was the first attempt to have the best performance in speed, stability and manoeuvrability on a wide-beam boat.

Obviously the roominess was almost redoubled compared to our typical fast boats, but also the time to go on plane and the minimum speed to keep the plane was improved. This thanks to our efforts in many R&D fields and thanks to our several patented system such as the Multiple Trim Tab System combined to its GPS automatic control and the FB electronic throttle.

All these and others solution can be drawn in this FB 52' SF, adapted to its peculiarity like the bigger space on the stern deck, available as free leeway or as more space inside the hardtop.

The lower-deck layout is modular by using another patented system that allow a free space subdivision; it also assure a huge resistance and an incomparable navigation comfort, especially when matched with our Structural Foam® hulls.

We would be very happy to supply additional detailed information, and kindly ask you to fill in the enclosed short questionnaire, after which we will issue a username and password to access the restricted area.

  • Last Modified: 27/05/2024.